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" I was already aroused. Then extremely aroused with her tongue licking my erect nipples and large, firm 36D tits.

Sexual heaven as she licked her way up my creamy thighs to my clit, while watching her toy boy sucking my man’s cock. I was too embarrassed to tell her, aged in my forties I had never had my cunt licked by a woman before then. 

But I loved it, a wonderful new sexual experience for me orgasming on a woman’s tongue.

That was a defining moment for me, when I decided to extend my sexual fantasies and make them happen.

I am Sylvia a forty-five year old widow after my much older husband died three years ago. My parents were Danish so I have inherited their tall, slim bearing and my mother’s good looks. My girlfriends tell me I still have a very good body, smooth skin, an hour glass figure and I modestly agree. 

When some of my girlfriends regaled me with stories of their sex lives I realised I have a lot of catching up to do and have missed out on lots of sexual excitement.

"I want to extend my sexual boundaries and fulfil some of my fantasies," I tell some of my girlfriends each time I see them. 

Without exception, they all wanted me to tell them about those fantasies, their voyeuristic streak showing.

"A thick, hung man, ten or fifteen years younger, with a nine or ten-inch erection fucking me. Perhaps two, thick, hung men, one is fucking me while I suck the other. 

"Even better, a sexy woman and two men.

"Having my ass licked and kissed by a man and a woman as foreplay, both at the same time.

"Perhaps a drop dead gorgeous trannie. A wonderful fantasy blowing a hung trannie with good tits.

"And I would to have two women pleasure my naked body, perhaps three?

"And so you shall, Danni smiles as she tongue kisses me in the coffee shop.

"Does Sunday afternoon work for you? My condo at two?"

 Before I leave on Sunday I pose almost naked in heels in front of my wall length bedroom mirrors. I can’t help but admiring my body and feeling very sexy. Good long legs, even better hips and I can see my well rounded and still dimple free arse reflected in the mirror on the other wall. Freshly shaved pubes, bald on both sides of my cunt with a large tuft above.

My best feature I muse as I tease my large erect nipples is my large firm 36D tits.

I am wearing a new outfit I purchased for the occasion, I want to make an entrance and be the centre of attention. Black stockings, a sexy garter belt to hold them up and a cupless bra.

When I arrive Danni introduced me to two other attractive women, Eva and Shirl are complete strangers to me. They are perhaps a few years younger than me.

I am the centre of attention as I return Danni’s kisses. Eva is behind me as she slides down the zipper at the back of my dress and I shrug out of it. 

"Wow, love your outfit and your body, we are going to enjoy you Sylvia, Shirl smiles as the dress drops to my ankles and I step out of it.

"Your body is to die for, magnificent, and very fuckable, Danni whispers as she feasts on my erect nipples. 

"Your tits were made for that cupless bra, Sylvia, she tells me. Must be thirty-six D? Magnificent."

Shirl is on her knees licking and kissing my ass cheeks with her hands on my hips.

Danni moves us to a room with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling and a lavish bed.

I am flat on my back, watching in the ceiling mirror as Danni positions herself between my legs. My knees are raised as she licks the exposed thigh area above my stockings. 

The other two people are licking and sucking my nipples, one each side. Their soft tongues are magic on my erect nipples.

One of them is sliding a finger between my lips as I lick it with my tongue.

"Would you like me to fuck you with my tongue, Sylvia? I want to and I really would like to," Danni teases.

"Would you Sylvia? Do you want me to fuck you with my tongue? I am very good," she teases as the tip of her tongue flips my clit.

"So good, so fucking good, don’t stop," I am moaning one minute later.

Shirl is tongue kissing me while Eva is licking and sucking my erect nipples.

Danni’s tongue on my cunt lips with two other people giving me sexual pleasure is wonderful. A whole new dimension for me with lots of naked flesh on display.

Shirl takes one of my hands. I can feel a thick, large, very erect cock in that hand. 

I can see Shirl completely naked in the mirrors - a gorgeous, hung trannie with a feminine body and a thick, large cock.

She is incredibly attractive. I had never ever seen a naked trannie before now. 

She is completely naked apart from her heels.

Long feminine legs, gorgeous fleshy thighs, good firm ass, good size tits most women would be proud of and men drool over.

And her cock. Wow!

A trannie in heels with a fabulous body and a raging erection has me incredibly excited and turned on.

I have only one thought with Danni’s tongue licking my cunt lips as I ogle Shirl’s naked body and raging erection.

I want her erection. I must have her. I want to blow her.

At the very moment I use a hand to guide Shirl’s erection between my pursed lips Danni has me on the brink of orgasm.

Eva is licking and sucking my tits to perfection as I cum.

Shirl is sliding her erection between my lips in a fucking motion.

Three people are pleasuring my naked body.

Danni has her hands under my ass as she darts her tongue along my wet cunt lips. 

Another orgasm on Danni’s tongue, then another and another.

I am rubbing my the tip of my thumb and forefinger along Shirl’s erection as she slides the tip of it between my lips.

I let her erection slip out from my lips.

"Your hand or the back my throat?," I ask.

"Back of your throat, please?"

"Then stand with your back against the wall, Shirl," I tell him as Danni and Eva help me off the bed.

"Is this what you wanted, Shirl?," I tease as kneel in front of him and resume sucking his erection.

Danni and Eva are standing close by watching.

"You are awesome, Sylvia," Danni whispers.

"Absolutely fucking awesome," Eva whispers.

Danni is sucking one of his tits, Eva the other.

Shirl is breathing very heavily.

She is sliding almost the full length her erection between my tightly pursed lips.

"So good, so fucking good, so close," she is moaning.

I am raking and teasing my nails along her balls.

Then her body shudders as she hits the back of my throat. 

Another fantasy, or three, off my bucket list, I muse on the way home, very pleased with myself.